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Sushi Restaurants In Reno

Mapped Restaurants Reno

Ichiban Ichiban Reno 3 Star Rating

219 N Center St Reno
(775) 323-5550

Reno Japanese Restaurant near N Center St And E Commercial Row

Sushi Club Sushi Club Reno 3 Star Rating

294 E Moana Ln Ste 1 Reno
(775) 828-7311

Reno Japanese Restaurant near South Virginia St And E Moana Ln

Sushi Pier Sushi Pier Reno 3 Star Rating

1290 E Plumb Ln Ste J Reno
(775) 825-6776

Reno Japanese Restaurant near Plumb Ln And Matley Ln

Woo Chon Woo Chon Reno 3 Star Rating

5085 S Mccarran Blvd Reno
(775) 825-2552

Reno Japanese Restaurant near S Mccarran Blvd And Smithridge Dr

Hiroba Sushi Hiroba Sushi Reno 3 Star Rating

3005 Skyline Blvd Ste 100 Reno
(775) 829-2788

Reno Japanese Restaurant near Cashill Blvd And Skyline Blvd

Sushi Boat Restaurant Sushi Boat Restaurant Reno 3 Star Rating

1999 S Virginia St Reno
(775) 829-2115

Reno Japanese Restaurant near Sinelio Dr And Walnut St offering dine in

Sushi Restaurants Reno

Sushi is a very versatile dish, which one of the reasons for its well-deserved popularity. Most capitals of the world, from China to Reno, have more than one sushi restaurant in its region. It can contain anything from crisp vegetables, juicy fruit, and fresh seafood, to more unconventional elements such as cream cheese and even chocolate! You can eat it as a snack on-the-go, or savor it more leisurely as part of a main meal in any Reno sushi restaurant. The classic sushi is typically very healthy, as most authentic dishes of Japanese cuisine are, since it uses only the freshest ingredients and entails virtually no cooking. Thus, the vitamins and minerals are more preserved without any added fat, oil or even salt, making it appealing to health-buffs and weight-watchers alike.

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